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King & Queen

Spelautomater som King & Queen

King & Queen – The Online Slot Game featuring addictive Gameplay

We all know the famous slot machines located in casinos around the world. In most cases, these are the traditional "one-armed bandits" with three reels, on which different symbols are displayed. If several symbols line up, winnings await. Other combinations can also yield profits. The free online slot machine King & Queen shares a very similar approach. It resembles the well-known slot games, but still has some extras to offer. In one respect, it is absolutely identical to "its kind": The fun factor is extremely high!

What is King & Queen and how do you play this game?

In King & Queen, there are a total of five rotating reels with three symbols each. You can decide if you want to play 10, 20 or a maximum of 30 "win lines". Just choose how many lines you want to decide on in the lower righthand corner of the game window. Right next to it, you can determine your bet. This bet is multiplied by the number of lines played. If you bet on ten win lines with, let's say, 250 chips each, the total bet amount is 2500 chips. You can specify the number of lines and bet simply by using the plus and minus signs. If you want to play the maximum bet from the start, you can use the "Max Bet" button on the lower righthand side of the game window. In this case, you will play 30 lines, each with a bet of 25 000 chips. Right next to the "Max Bet" button is the "Auto" button. By clicking on this button, you activate the automatic game function so that you do not have to click on the "Start" button for each game. With another click, you disable this function. Speaking of starting - with a click on the start button, you can get those reels up and spinning...

How do you win King & Queen?

In King & Queen, there are a total of 30 different win lines. If a specific combination of symbols aligns on these lines, you win. If you'd like more info about this, simply click on the little "i" on the bottom righthand side of the game screen. Here, the 30 win lines and, for example, some of the combinations are then displayed to you. Crowns serve as some of the various symbols in King & Queen. These crowns have a special meaning. If you end up with three crowns in a line on reels two to four (a total of 9 crowns), you win seven free games! But watch out: When you "redeem" these free spins, you cannot win any further free spins! If you have hit one of the 30 win lines, you can multiply your winnings even more. You have the option of either keeping the points won or risking them. This risk function consists of several parts. If you now bet on black or red for the playing cards displayed, you earn double the profit in case your bet is correct. You can, however, also take an even higher risk and bet on the exact suit (spades, clubs, hearts or diamonds). If you are correct, you will be rewarded with four times your original winnings. But be careful: If you make the wrong bet, you also lose the previously earned profits!

The Symbols in King & Queen

  • The King As An Image
  • The Queen As An Image
  • Crowns
  • The Number 10
  • The Ting
  • J (Jack)
  • Q (Queen)
  • The King & Queen Icon
  • The Bird

Free Gaming Fun

You can play King & Queen 100% for free. In this case, you won't need to play with money, of course, but with chips. This slot machine is a lot of fun and a good and welcome change from well-known games of this kind. Allow us to take you to the Kingdom of the slot games with a few rounds of King & Queen!